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Simplified towny guide

This guide is simplified and does not contain all the commands to Towny, however, it has all the important commands listed.

To find more information, visit,the%20owner%20at%20any%20time.&text=When%20a%20player%20leaves%20a,set%20to%20be%20Embassy%20plots



/town new {townname}

It cost 200© to create a new town. Town block they are standing in while using the command will be the home block for the town.

/town claim + use /towny map 

Command to claim more land. You can claim a total of 20 (16x16x128) plot of land per person in your town. Note that each claim is 100©

/Town spawn 

Teleport to your home block.



/town add {playername} 

Mayor command to invite players 

/accept or /deny 

Player command when prompted by an invitation

/town toggle open

Mayor command, open town for anyone to join

/town join {townname}

Player command to request to join a town 



List of {plot types}

Shop, Embassy, Farm, Wilds, Arena, Jail, Bank  and Inn

/Towny prices 

See your town plot prices 

/Plot set {plot types}

Set a plot type 

/plot forsale {$$}

Add a pricetag on the plot you're standing, this overrides the default price

/town set shoptax {$$}

/town set embassytax {$$}

Set taxes for shop and embassy respectively 

/town set shopprice {$$} 

/town set embassyprice {$$} 

Set default price for shop and embassy respectively



List of {Perm Types}

The 4 permission-types available are Build, Destroy, Switch and Itemuse.

Build allows players to add blocks in your town/plot.

Destroy allows players to remove blocks in your town/plot.

Switch covers the use of:

dispensers, noteblocks, chests, furnaces, wooden and iron doors, levers, gold, iron, stone and wood pressure plates, stone buttons, trapdoors, jukeboxes, redstone repeaters, gates, trapped chests, redstone comparators, beacon blocks, hoppers, droppers, item frames, Accessing minecart hoppers, minecart chests, minecart furnaces.

Itemuse covers the use of:

water and lava buckets, empty buckets, lighters, bonemeal and other dyes, enderpearls, placing/destroying all minecart types, firecharges, using bottles.


List of {Group types}

 * Ally (a)

 * Players from your town, (r)

 * other towns in your nation, (t)

 * and nations your nation is allied with. (f)

 * Outsiders (O)


Permission commands 

/Plot perm or /plot perm Hub

See your current plot permissions 

/Res set perm {group type}{on/off} 

Turn your residents permission on or off for the {group type}

/Plot set perm {group type}{on/off}

{Group type} permission to edit the plot

/Plot set perm {group type} {perm type} {on/off}

Turn a specific permission of a plot on or off for the {group type}.

/Plot toggle mobs/pvp/explosion/firespread on/off 

Change mobs, pvp, explosion or firespread settings of the plot.



You have to set an outpost to claim land somewhere else in the wilderness. (/town set outpost)



Nation and Town have to pay taxes daily. Hence, it is necessary to set tax for your members. Also make sure your town bank has sufficient money. /t deposit {$} to send money into town bank.

/town set taxes {$}  

/town set plottax {$} 

/nation set taxes {$}



  * /g * Put in from of text to speak in general/global chat, or without text afterwards to enter the channel. 

 * /l or /lc * Put in from of text to speak in local chat, or without text afterwards to enter the channel. 

 * /tc * Put in from of text to speak with members of your town only, or without text afterwards to enter the channel.

 * /nc * Put in from of text to speak with members of your nation only, or without text afterwards to enter the channel. 

 * /a or /admin * Put in from of text to speak in adminchat, or without text afterwards to enter the channel. 

 * /m or /mod * Put in from of text to speak in modchat, or without text afterwards to enter the channel. 

  * /res set mode reset * Reset chat mode to default chat.


7 months ago
Make © in server

This guide will highlight on all the ways you can earn the in-game currency ©.

(1) Jobs 

Join up to 3 Jobs. You can see the list of jobs by doing /jobs join. You can change jobs anytime you want, however, you will lose a portion of your exp. You can consider purchasing Jobs master to expedite the process of earning ©.

(2) Shops

Type /sell, you will see an inventory. Place all the items you want to sell in and exit. You will see your earnings like the picture below.

(3) Auctions 

Type /auction and put your items for sale to others player. You can customize your starting bid and time in auction. However creating an auction is not free. The cost can be since using /auction.

(4) Mobhunting + bag of gold 

Kill mobs and earn money. There's a low chance you will receive the mobs head to brat with others about. You can sell bag of gold drop from mobs at town hall for additional ©.

(5) Donations 

You can purchase in-game currency directly or get it from ranks and crates package. Check out the store to see more details

7 months ago
Starting with us at survival

For starters, these are the minimal things you need to know to survive. 

Starting worth: 1000©

(1) Claim your kits daily /kits daily everyday.

(2) Join Jobs immediately /jobs join. You can apply up to 3 jobs, refer to 'how to make money' guide for more info.

(3) There are currently 3 warps, namingly grassland, hills and coastal. Simply use the portal at town hall or do /warp to access the warps. You are advice to travel far from warps. Any buildings which restricts other travelers will be removed. Once you find a good piece of land and decide to settle down, start to claim your land first (refer to towny guide).

(4) Trading with mobs can be done at the town hall, the goods they sell will change over time. Shop can be accessed anywhere you are, just type /shop.

(5) Keep up to date by checking the server website frequently. All the news, updates and gifts will be released there.

Thanks for reading :) 

7 months ago
Staff Application Format

You can create an application using the format below. Do answer all the questions in the format for your application to be valid. If you applied for staff before, you can only do so again one month after your previous application.

When your application is noticed by a staff, you will see a 'Pending' tag on your application. Afterwards, the tag will be replaced with an 'Approved' or 'Rejected' tag when the decision is made. This process can take up to three days.




In-game Name:


Country & Your Time Zone (in UTC):

How often do you play on the server:

At what time do you usually play:

Why should we choose you over others?:


7 months ago
Player Report Format

Strictly stick to the format below when reporting a violator's activity. Do keep it short and concise.



Violator Name: (In-game name)

Offense: (which rule no. did he fail to oblige to. Put no. 8 if it's not in the rule list)

Description: (briefly describe what he has done, use 5W1H)

Evidence: (can be screenshot etc.)


In the case where you do not know the violater, for instance, your builds are destroyed by an unknown player, you do not need to fill in the violator's name. The staff will investigate the matter.