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MO Admin Make © in server
Started by Caramel_dude



04 Dec 2020
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01 Feb 2021

This guide will highlight on all the ways you can earn the in-game currency ©.

(1) Jobs 

Join up to 3 Jobs. You can see the list of jobs by doing /jobs join. You can change jobs anytime you want, however, you will lose a portion of your exp. You can consider purchasing Jobs master to expedite the process of earning ©.

(2) Shops

Type /sell, you will see an inventory. Place all the items you want to sell in and exit. You will see your earnings like the picture below.

(3) Auctions 

Type /auction and put your items for sale to others player. You can customize your starting bid and time in auction. However creating an auction is not free. The cost can be since using /auction.

(4) Mobhunting + bag of gold 

Kill mobs and earn money. There's a low chance you will receive the mobs head to brat with others about. You can sell bag of gold drop from mobs at town hall for additional ©.

(5) Donations 

You can purchase in-game currency directly or get it from ranks and crates package. Check out the store to see more details

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